Automated documentation in your hospital

Save physician time and improve documentation accuracy – use HealthTensor to review patient data and pre-fill documentation for physician approval.

Powerful tools that are easy to use

Whether you're a front-line physician, manage revenue cycle, or oversee IT & security, HealthTensor has been designed from the ground up to be easy-to-launch, easy-to-use, and incredibly powerful.

Make the EHR Delightful

Beautiful, simple interfaces are intuitive and make clinical work enjoyable

Painless Integration

HealthTensor can be integrated simply and quickly

Completely Secure

Fully HIPAA compliant services provides peace of mind

A platform for physicians, patients, and revenue

HealthTensor goes beyond saving physicians time and improving satisfaction. Better documentation means better results for everyone. See how automated documentation impacts your hospital.


Trusted partner for documentation

  • Enhance physicians' ability to provide high-quality patient care
  • Spend less time in the EHR and reduce burnout
  • Evidence-backed notes at the front-line means fewer coding queries from the back-office
  • Reduce risk of missing important data

Better tools for better outcomes

  • Less time in the EHR means more time with patients
  • Automatic and complete data review means fewer missed diagnoses
  • HealthTensor constantly learns from physician usage and patient outcomes ensure better care
Revenue Cycle Management

Drastically improve hospital finances

  • Evidence-backed documentation improves compliance, protects from audits, and reduces denials
  • Automatic capture of CCs and MCCs at the front line improves CMI, SOI, and your bottomline
  • Accurate and complete notes tied to ICD10 helps streamline coding and billing

Our Products

Identify areas of weakness in your current documentation. HealthTensor's retrospective analysis automatically reviews historic patient data to determine where critical diagnoses and documentation was missing. This enables your team to identify priorities for documentation improvement.

  • Identify common diagnoses that are driving revenue loss
  • Suggest improvement areas to physicians, coding, and billing
  • No EMR integration
  • One-time data pull
  • One month turnaround

With lightweight integration, HealthTensor can be used in outpatient settings to automate diagnosis and documentation of chronic conditions. Give time back to your physicians and improve the bottom-line.

  • Save primary care physician time
  • Improve chronic diagnosis capture
  • Increase revenue for outpatient
  • No EMR live data integration
  • InfoButton integration required
  • Daily data pulls

Unlock the most value and potential with real-time data. Powerful, clinically-validated algorithms will continuously monitor patients, providing your physicians with complete and data-driven notes. Reduce burnout, improve care, and enhance the bottom line with HealthTensor.

  • Automate documentation for acute and chronic conditions
  • Increase revenue for inpatient
  • Reduce coding queries and denials
  • HL7 feeds or equivalent alternative
  • Real time data

Side-by-side Comparison

Retrospective Report Outpatient Product Inpatient Product
Identify Lost Revenue
Capture Outpatient Revenue
Capture Inpatient Revenue
Time Savings (min/encounter) None 10 20
Revenue Impact $ $$ $$$
Data Frequency One-time data share Daily data share Live, e.g. HL7
InfoButton Required
IT Setup Efforts (hours) 1-5 4-8 < 40