About 260 ICD-10 codes are visualized above; try hovering over a dot to see the description. These ICD codes represent 0.4% of the total, and underscores the impossibility of having physicians code.

UI / UX Designer

HealthTensor is looking for a product designer to work on creative assets, user research and product design UI.

UI / UX Designer

At HealthTensor, we’re building the world’s first AI doctor. We use Artificial Intelligence to automatically diagnose patients in order to support physicians with clinical and administrative tasks in the hospital. HealthTensor allows physicians to spend more time with patients, improve care, and increase revenue for the physician and hospital.


HealthTensor is looking for a product designer to work closely with our users (physicians) to research critical design decisions and improvements for our product’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX):

  • Set the vision for the the initial design direction of the HealthTensor application
  • Create and lead user research sessions in order to validate design decisions, and present your findings to the team
  • Map out and present user flows that demonstrate tangible outcomes from the perspective of our users
  • Design wireframes, mockups, and click-through prototypes to communicate UI and IxD decisions to our engineers
  • Help create assets and presentations to support product and marketing efforts
  • The ideal candidate has at least 2 years of product design / UI / UX experience as demonstrated by a robust portfolio, a strong eye for good design and is eager to establish HealthTensor’s design aesthetic, an excellent communicator that can clearly support the reasoning behind design decisions, and passionate about joining an early-stage, fast-growing healthcare company

Perks and Benefits

  • Potential to convert contract design role to full-time
  • Full ownership of the design pipeline
  • Huge professional growth opportunities as we work with physicians to design our application – you’d be the first designer on the team
  • Company trips at major milestones
  • Work in sunny Los Angeles

If you’re interested send us an email.