Automating documentation so physicians can get back to patients.

Example of HealthTensor generated assessment and plan.

HealthTensor saves physician time, improves care, and improves reimbursements.


HealthTensor reviews every data point on every patient in real time


Clinically-validated algorithms diagnose and document common acute and chronic conditions


Physicians review evidence-backed notes and sign off


Solve physician burnout

There’s too much data in medical records for physicians to effectively review. Physicians spend more than 50% of their day at the computer reviewing data and can still miss important diagnoses. Automated documentation saves physicians 50-75% of their time at the EHR and helps guide clinical decision-making. Learn more.

Physician Time Study (2016)


Improve patient outcomes

Less time with the EHR means more time with patients. HealthTensor enables physicians to operate at the top of their license, focusing on treatment plans instead of digging through data. A pre-written note also helps physicians review diagnoses and evidence that might get missed. Learn more.

Revenue Cycle Management

Stop losing revenue

Poor and incomplete documentation accounts for $10M in lost revenue per year for a 1,000 bed hospital. Your physicians and hospitals only get reimbursed when the documentation is accurate and complete. HealthTensor helps improve your case mix index, accurately reflects patients' severity of illness, and effectively captures CCs and MCCs. Learn more.

Seamlessly integrates with all major EHRs

HealthTensor integrates easily into your current EHR, substantially improves physician workflows, and does not impact back-end workflows such as coding & billing. Learn more.