About 260 ICD-10 codes are visualized above; try hovering over a dot to see the description. These ICD codes represent 0.4% of the total, and underscores the impossibility of having clinicians code.


Automating documentation, so clinicians can get back to patients.

Physician Time Study (2016)

The Problem

Doctors are burned out on documentation.

Physicians spend half of their day reviewing data & documenting on the computer and less than a third of their time with patients. The result is physician and patient dissatisfaction.

Poor documentation means lost revenue.

Without documentation, physicians and hospital systems cannot get reimbursed. Physicians sacrifice documentation quality to spend more time with patients, but vague or incomplete documentation leads to an estimated $10B in lost reimbursements each year.

The Solution

Documenting with AI.

HealthTensor develops artificially intelligent systems to automate documentation for physicians. Our technology mines the medical record for pertinent information, assists in diagnosing key conditions, and generates proper documentation.

By integrating into the workflow, HealthTensor can provide trusted, evidence-backed notes directly to physicians to save time, reduce liability, and optimize appropriate reimbursements.

Assessment & Plan Sample

Acute on chronic kidney injury (stage 3) due to pre-renal azotemia: worsening

  • baseline serum creatinine levels of 2.0 mg/dl (1/6/2015-3/3/2017)
  • elevated serum creatinine from 2.0 to 2.3 mg/dl on 3/7/2017
  • hold ACE inhibitor and metformin
  • avoid nephrotoxic agents
  • monitor

Hyponatremia due to dehydration: improving

  • serum sodium levels increased from 125 mmol/L (3/4/2017) to 133 mmol/L (3/6/2017)
  • IV fluids
  • monitor
The Team

We're data scientists, working with clinicians.

Eli Ben-Joseph CEO

Formerly APT and MIT Media Lab; MIT (BS Biology & Bioengineering); Stanford (MS Management & CS)

Nate Wilson COO

Formerly Bain & Company and nData CEO; University of Virginia (BS Biomedical Engineering)

Thomas Moulia CTO

Formerly MGH and Pocketknife Founder; MIT (BS Brain & Cognitive Science)

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